Wie fange ich an zu meditieren?

How do I start meditating?

1. How do I start meditating? (The addressee is able to start meditating straight away. Without creating “pressure to perform”. How long should you meditate?)

a. Step 1: Comfortable, relaxed sitting posture (Burmese or heel seat. If this is not possible, then on a chair) Tips on correct sitting posture, etc.

b. Step 2: relax and focus on breathing in and out,

c. Step 3: let thoughts come and go. Keep coming back to inhale and exhale. Don't start thinking about thoughts.

We start by meditating ...

The first thing is to find a comfortable and relaxed sitting posture for you. The following three sitting postures are particularly suitable for beginners: (Three positions are shown in the video on a screen (side by side, one after the other) and explained).

Sitting postures are described

When you are comfortably seated, focus on inhaling and exhaling and feeling yourself relax.

Don't hold onto thoughts and emotions that come to you now, just let them go. It's not about not thinking anything. It is normal for thoughts to come. Let them come and go. Don't start thinking about the thoughts. Bring the focus back to breathing.


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