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SAMTEN SUN, the lightest and smallest inflatable travel meditation cushion worldwide since 2004

Samten Sun already exists since 2004 and it has undergone some major changes since then. SAMTEN SUN now has 2 new, larger and easier-to-use profiles. In addition, SAMTEN SUN no longer arrives in a cardboard box but in a cloth bag, which can also be used for storage and transport.

New valves

No more pushing in on the side when inflating and letting air out. Now just inflate and the safety valve will do the rest.

Easier handling

To let the air out, all you have to do is sit on the SAMTEN SUN and press the middle of the valve and the air is completely deflated in 10 seconds.

16 years SAMTEN SUN, the worlds first and lightest travel meditation cushion!

Are you looking for a LIGHT MEDITATION PILLOW when you are traveling and want to meditate ON THE WAY?
Then SAMTEN is your ideal TRAVEL MEDITATION PILLOW! Whether on the BEACH, in the FOREST or wherever you are, a light SAMTEN still fits in a SMALL BAG or BACKPACK. Also you can just sit on it without meditating.

Thats what our customers say

I found out about Samten through a friend at a body intelligence seminar and was immediately able to try it out. I was so excited that I sent my order away the same day. Since then, when I go to seminars or give courses, I actually only sit on my Samten.

Wilfried Kares

The seat height can be individually adjusted, the seating comfort is very good and the durability and wear restistance is high (I had my first pillow for 5 years). Since I am completely satisfied, I have only been meditating on the Samten Sun meditation cushion at home since then!

Eveline Müller

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