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- 2-chamber system
- When not inflated, it's flat like a frisbee
- Air suspension automatically brings you back to the center
- Well suited for long periods of sitting
- Weight: approx. 312 gr
- Diameter: 30 cm
- Height: 10 to 20 cm
- Cover: flock PVC, (feels velvety)
- SAMTEN SUN available in the colors: royal blue, burgundy and black
- Bottom: durable PVC
- Height adjustable from 10 to 20 cm
- Exposure to a maximum of 120 kg
- Easy to clean, hand wash only; not suitable for washing machines!
- Without known toxic PVC plasticizers!
- Test report (NR: 003179571/30 AZ 230617) from TÜV Rheinland from April 8, 2016.

SAMTEN SUN is NOT suitable if you CANNOT touch the ground with your knees!

The perfect meditation cushion for travel
SAMTEN has particularly efficient safety valves that have to be compressed at the base during both inflation and deflation in order to inflate and deflate.

The first (since 2004) inflatable meditation cushion in the world is ...

space saving: SAMTEN SUN is extremely light with a weight of only 312 gr and at the same time it is as flat as a frisbee. As a result, it takes up very little space in your luggage.
perfectly fitting: SAMTEN SUN is suitable for all sizes thanks to its variable height adjustment from 5 to 20 cm and is therefore the perfect companion for every meditator.
stable: SAMTEN SUN has perfect stability thanks to its 2-chamber system, which is ideal for longer sitting sessions.
medically healthy: SAMTEN SUN has also proven itself as a spine-relieving chair support, since the inflatable meditation cushion acts like a medical ball.
SAMTEN SUN combines three main purposes:

Meditation cushion, spine-relieving chair pad and versatile seat and travel cushion.
SAMTEN SUN is the only meditation cushion which, thanks to its air suspension and its special construction, supports the meditator in sitting upright and relieves the spine.

Safety valves
SAMTEN SUN has 2 safety valves that have to be squeezed together both when inflating and deflating at the base (left and right under the flap of the plug).

SAMTEN SUN is made of flock PVC and PVC on the underside.
It can be cleaned with a lint brush, an adhesive roller or a wet cloth with a light, non-corrosive washing-up liquid.
SAMTEN SUN is not suitable for washing machines!
SAMTEN SUN shouldn't
be exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations, as it makes the material porous.
be brought into contact with sharp objects. (Should a hole aris anyway, please use the enclosed repair kit or a bicycle repair kit.)
Material expansion during use
When you sit on the SAMTEN SUN, the material expands slightly. Some air can be blown in, but be careful not to over-inflate the SAMTEN SUN. This can lead to overstretching and bursting.

Sequence of inflation and adjustment of the seat height
The lower chamber (with the smooth PVC is) always to inflate first and fully.
This makes SAMTEN SUN stable.
If you need more seat height, inflate the upper chamber completely and sit in the middle of the SAMTEN in your usual meditation position.
Make sure that the valves are placed at the sides easily accessible so that you can regulate your seat height while sitting.
If the seat height of 20 cm is too high for you, let the air out slowly until you have reached the correct height.
We encourage you to experiment with the seat height.
Correct sitting position
Do not sit on the edge, but always in the middle of the SAMTEN.
Pay attention to the optimal seat height, see "Sequence of inflating and adjusting the seat height".
Important: Samten SUN is very stable when both knees touch the ground.

SAMTEN SUN can be used for the following meditation postures

Royal seat
This posture is suitable for any beginner or people with joint problems. One leg is bent in front of the body, the other lays in across in front of the body. This gives your sitting position stability. By alternately raising one leg and placing the other in front of your body, the joints are gradually stretched. So you may soon be able to meditate in the Burmese seat.

Lotus and half lotus seats
The classic meditation posture in which, according to the story of Buddha, he attained enlightenment under the bodhi tree. Both feet are placed on the other thigh, or only one with half lotus.

Burmese seat
Legs put in front of each other
This sitting posture is very common and prevents the limbs from falling asleep. Well suited for beginners.
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