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Non-duality, is the direct path to connect with your wholeness and the origin of your being.

The Non-Duality Tarot and Oracle Card Set includes 62 cards in 3 categories.
1. The 22 cards of the great Arcana, the «Journey to Your Own Awareness»
2. 20 cards of patterns experienced as causing suffering.
3. 20 cards of the patterns experienced as causing luck.

The 62 cards are extra large (approx. 10x15cm | normal cards only 7x12cm) and with their hypnotic design invite you to look at them and contemplate on the respective topic.

In addition to the cards, the hinged box also contains an accompanying book and meditation cards.

In the accompanying book there is one of the following to each card:
• the respective picture
• Quotes from famous Non-Duality teachers,
• Explanatory texts on the subject of the card,
• questions on contemplation and
• theme-specific meditation.
The accompanying book also contains an introduction to non-duality and thus opens up the subject of non-duality to beginners.

The set can be used as a complete introductory course in non-duality by going through it card by card, reading the texts available for each card and contemplating or meditating on the image and the questions.

Of course it can also be used as a tarot or oracle card set and all common interpretations can be made with it.

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