Wo und wann ich überall meditieren kann

Where and when I can meditate

You may get the impression that you can only meditate at home in complete silence and in a certain meditation posture. It is good to be as close as possible to a meditation posture, but it is not absolutely necessary. Meditation is primarily a mental position and not a physical one. Although both influence each other when meditating. The methods are not a necessity but a support.

This means that you can meditate according to your possibilities and abilities in the most different places


  • at the bus stop
  • or on the bus
  • on the plane
  • on a bench by the river or a lake
  • or just in nature
  • In the pool or on the beach
  • In the queue / while waiting
  • In the office on the office chair
  • When fishing


You could even meditate at a party in the club if you feel confident enough to do so. It's about trying out what works for you and where you and to find out where you are still too distracted for it. With time and practice, you will find that you can meditate in places where you couldn't in the beginning.


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